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February 5, 2008

Linux Used by All Branches of U.S. Military

by @ 6:57 am. Filed under Linux migrations, Linux News

Army Tux

I thought it was cool to see another Linux adoption story, this time by the U.S. Army. One of the best quotes from this article:

“Red Hat 5 will link Linux with Microsoft and allow FCS forces to link with other brigade combat teams,” the Army official said. “This will be an interim solution because over the long haul, eventually all of the Army’s networks will be Linux-based.”

They plan eventually to have the whole thing running Linux.

Actually, Linux is being employed currently by all of the branches of the U.S. Military.

U.S. Army

Wind River wins Boeing deal with Army
Linux headed into Boeing antisub aircraft
Linux helps RTOS vendor win major defense contract
Linux in Camouflage
LynuxWorks: A case study in combat-ready Linux

U.S. Navy

Linux in Government: OSS in the US Navy?
Powerful Linux OS-based SGI system to serve as U.S. military computing prototype

U.S. Air Force and Marine Corps

Linux getting widespread support from government
The Penguin Continues Its March

U.S. Air Force and Army – Linux clusters gear up for simulated combat

U.S. Department of Defense – IBM To Build Supercomputer for US Military

Pentagon & Department of Defense – OF ARMS AND LINUX

Army National Guard – Army National Guard Using Linux

Autonomous Military Ground Vehicle

Linux powers autonomous military ground vehicle
Commercial Linux to power military drone

U.S. Military – US Military Testing IBM Speech Translation Technology

3 Responses to “Linux Used by All Branches of U.S. Military”

  1. Randal Says:

    Red Hat 5? How old of article are we JUST NOW reading, LOL? I think I still have a copy of Red Hat 5.2 they could upgrade to. 😉

  2. Viktor Says:

    It’s Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5, and the Defense News article was posted on 02/04/08 so very recently.

  3. Linux vs. Windows Hardware Support: The Truth Says:

    […] in Hollywood run on Linux.  Linux runs cellphones, traffic signals, election machines, satellites, military equipment, medical equipment, particle accelerators, digital cameras, TVs, DVD players, mp3 players, and many […]

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