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October 30, 2009

Linux/Unix Wallpaper of the Week

by @ 1:56 am. Filed under wallpapers

We Linux users are quite the easy-going laid-back bunch. We rarely get religious about our operating systems, and in no way wear them as a part of our very identity. We love everything, and get along with everyone. We are a peaceful bunch. I think this is beautifully articulated in the wallpaper of the week:

Unix People are Happy
Click for slightly larger version.

Throw a quick eyeball at the SuSEBlog Linux Wallpaper gallery.

Should you have a favorite Linux wallpaper that is not featured in the gallery, please shoot me a link to it. I am happy to include wallpapers from all distributions. Heck, I even wore a Fedora 11 T-Shirt to work the other day because the guys at the 2009 UTOS booth were so cool and gave me one. Besides that, Clint Savage (more info, more info, more info, more info, more info, more info) is one totally hardcore Fedora ambassador, and he’s really cool. Wearing the Fedora shirt with pride was my props to him and the Fedora representation at UTOS.

I would have worn an OpenSUSE T-Shirt, but I was unable to acquire said shirt from my brethren at the OpenSUSE booth. Decriptor, bro… what do you say about hookin’ a brother up?

De todos modos…

Have a fabulous weekend, and remember, chill out and take ‘er easy. Like the wallpaper says.

Happy Halloween and all that. Go scare the living daylights out of someone and come back and tell me your story.

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