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November 28, 2006

M$/Novell Linux Deal is Part of Vista Marketing Campaign

by @ 2:52 pm. Filed under General Linux, My Opinion

I was just obsessing through my newsfeeds like I do every morning at this time, and I cam across an article that really makes sense to me. The thought that the author presents is “the latest comments about the patent agreement between Microsoft and Novell are part of a marketing campaign for Vista.” The line of thinking goes like this: M$ is coming out with their new product sometime early next year (barring any more delays). They realize that many people may not want to buy it, and that said people have some probability of switching to Linux. Thus, they are, once again, just attempting to scare people into buying something that they don’t want and is not worth the cost.

You have to admit, they are brilliant marketing people. They just aren’t that good with software.

Elmar Geese, executive director of the Linux Association, was quoted in the article as saying that Linux users should not let Ballmer’s comments worry them. This in reference to his threats to sue people who are not using SUSE Linux. It will be cost-prohibitive to them in time and other resources (not necessarily money) to sue everyone. And the consumers are not worth it. It is all just part of a huge marketing campaign.

As always, use Linux. Spread Linux. Share Linux. Encourage people to use Linux (if all else fails, guns are usually persuasive enough).

Oh, and make sure it’s SUSE. Then you won’t get sued. 🙂

That last part was a joke. Imagine it came from Steve Ballmer (because it did, you see. That’s the joke, get it?)

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4 Responses to “M$/Novell Linux Deal is Part of Vista Marketing Campaign”

  1. Kay Says:

    Your picture on the Planetsuse webpage is really quite scary. Surely you have a better picture yes?

  2. GN Says:

    Let MS try to sue us… and wait till Big Blue, Sony, Red Hat, HP, Philips and other huge Linux dependent companies rise up with their huge patent portfolios. I wanna tape this, just for fun, so when I need a good laugh, I can watch the tape how MS got screwed trying to sue Linux users.

    I also want to say that SUSE 10.1 will be the last SUSE I’ll use… I’m heading more and more to Fedora Core… It is clear that Novell won’t terminate this deal ’cause they’ll have to give back all the money they got from MS so far and I don’t think they’ll do that.

    btw, I HATE Mono. The Ximian schmucks want to pollute SUSE with Mono code so it’ll be easy for MS to infiltrate it with their buggy software. And who the hell decided that SUSE needed a new software updater based on Mono? Are they blind to see that the previous updated was perfect? Why replace it with something that’s not worth it?… I’m still wondering here

  3. Scott Morris Says:

    Probably, but I like that one. 🙂

  4. Scott Morris Says:

    Hey, I totally hear it, bro. M$ gives me hives. 😐

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