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March 15, 2007

Nice to see Linux in the Wall Street Journal

by @ 6:45 am. Filed under General Linux, Linux News

When leaders in mainstream media pick something up and take notice, there must be something to it. In this case, I was checking out the story Linux Starts to Find Home on Desktops on the Wall Street Journal’s website. The article discusses rising trends in the adoption of and interest in Linux. Not only as a server, but also on the corporate desktop. I think that is great. Notice that I haven’t claimed that this is the year that Linux will take down Windows. However, there is a rising interest in Linux, and that trend shows no signs of letting up. The interest in Linux will continue to rise.

Probably everyone has already heard about this, but Dell has posted a survey about Linux. Apparently, it is only going about 10 days, a couple of which are already gone, so head on over and take the survey. Vote for your favorite distro, which is, of course openSUSE. 🙂 It may or may not produce large results. However, it’s more about the consistent, diligent effort that we are making to spread Linux. When things like this come up, it’s important to go make some noise about it so that people start listening. Go take the survey and email the URL to 5 people or you will have bad luck for 10 years.

Another cool story about Intro to Linux course available from my blog home page, I actually go into over 40 governments, about 7 financial institutions, about 14 educational institutions, and about 15 other organizations that have switched to Linux. I also provide links to articles and stories about each organization’s experience. Take a sec and enroll in the course. You’ll get some great introductory info about Linux that you can pass on to people you know that may be interested in using it.

Alrighty, well, have a good one, and we’ll talk to you later. Spread the word about the Intro to Linux course. It’s here for all who are interested in getting started but may not know.

One Response to “Nice to see Linux in the Wall Street Journal”

  1. devnet Says:

    Another great page for linux migrations is at Lxer.

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