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December 16, 2008

OpenSUSE 11.1 Access Secrets [pic]

by @ 9:50 pm. Filed under SUSE releases, SUSE Tips & Tricks

OpenSUSE Linux 11.1

OK, so we’ve been chatting a bit about the upcoming release of OpenSUSE 11.1. If we throw an eyeball at the official server, the newest thing available from the official server is not a GM. When it is a GM, DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT FROM THAT SERVER. That only hogs bandwidth that they use to transfer it to the mirrors. Wait about 4 hours, and then pick your favorite mirror and pull it down from there.

But unless I get a personal email from Stephan Kulow or Andreas Jaeger or Michael Loeffler, stating otherwise, I’m reasonably sure that the OpenSUSE 11.1 GM is not publicly available, yet.

However, now you know how to check for yourself for sure when it has been released. But if I catch you downloading from there the minute they put it on there, so help me….

Tell you what, though, if you really want to get some wicked screenshots from how OpenSUSE 11.1 will look, hop on your nearest moped and head over to There are previews of tons of stuff related to OpenSUSE 11.1, including this:

Click for larger version

So we know the GM exists, but it’s the “Where’s Waldo?” element of it that still has my OCD in overdrive.

5 Responses to “OpenSUSE 11.1 Access Secrets [pic]”

  1. sopheak Says:

    Thanks , this os is very good for using

  2. Scott Morris Says:

    I think so, too. Tell all yer friends. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. zRrr Says:

    Maybe, you should not use mirrors directly, to download openSUSE, at least in first 30 hours after release. According to message[1] by Martin Lasarsch, will redirect all queries to content delivery network (akamai) at that time. He wrote: “Use software.o.o, don’t use torrent or mirrors. Let’s try to break the 200TB mark this time :-)”

    Also, you can read this[2] post by Peter Poeml on, about using metalinks to download openSUSE.

    But of course it wont hurt to pick a mirror, in case somthing go wrong, and get .torrent files to seed, after download is complete.


  4. Robin Says:

    No, don’t wait downloading, start immediately.

    1. AFAIK mirrors are synced before the official release. In the past some mirror admins forgot to forbid access to the mirrored directory for the public and it was possible to get the isos one or two days before the release
    2. “Let’s try to break the 200TB mark this time :-)”

  5. Dietrich Says:

    For the Love of God Man! Paaleeeze set a mount point and let me at it over sshfs! 😉

    Linux IT Consultant

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