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January 24, 2008

OpenSUSE Build Service – now supporting Red Hat and CentOS

by @ 12:40 pm. Filed under General Linux, SUSE News

The OpenSUSE Build Service now builds packages not only for OpenSUSE, but also for Red Hat Enterprise Linux and CentOS, as well. Support was already in place for Ubuntu, Debian, and other Linux distributions. This means that we don’t have to fish around for packages that are only available for one distribution. My good buddy Michael Loeffler put it this way:

“As its name suggests, the openSUSE project is committed to choice and opposed to the exclusion of innovation simply because it may have originated in another project,” said Michael Loeffler, openSUSE product manager at Novell. “By adding support to build packages for CentOS and Red Hat Enterprise Linux, the openSUSE Build Service makes it even easier to build packages across multiple Linux distributions, thus further enabling innovative ideas to spread quickly throughout the free and open source software community. As we seek to streamline and improve collaboration between all Linux developers, the openSUSE Build Service continues to innovate and improve the way packages are built by providing a common framework that works with any Linux distribution.â€? source

I think that it is pretty obvious about the major benefits such developments provide to the community.

My question is: How does this relate to the Novell / Microsoft partnership? What, if anything, will occur here because of that controversial relationship between the two companies? Yes, the Build Service allows open source to spread faster, which is spectacular. But is this effort coming because of the M$ deal? Or are they doing it to spite the ‘softies? I mean, they are obviously not afraid to sue the Redmond software giant. I guess I’m just aware of the obvious surface-viewable benefits. What about long-term?

Should I take off my tinfoil hat, or what? Understand, though, that Ballmer and his co-conspirators are capable of some crazy stuff.

One Response to “OpenSUSE Build Service – now supporting Red Hat and CentOS”

  1. Christopher Says:

    I don’t really think that this is something to take a stab at M$, I think it’s perhaps more of a collaboration project.

    The divide between different package systems for various flavors of Linux has got to go and I think this is a good step in that direction.

    Just take a look at the latest developments in Mono. Not only is it allowing for cross Linux development, but the Windows addicts are breaking into it as well (

    Maybe some day we won’t have such a divide between Linux and Microsoft products. I’m not that big of a fan of the Redmond crowd, but moving our users to Linux has been a nightmare without friendly familiar applications.

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