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September 7, 2008

OpenSUSE Linux 11.0, MacOS X Leopard, and Windows Vista all on my Dell Laptop

by @ 1:26 am. Filed under Dell, SUSE News

How fun is school.

Yeah, it’s not. Especially when you’re starting a new job, too.

The fun part is, I got a dark red 2004 Nissan Maxima. Which I am currently enjoying a great deal.

None of which has to do with Linux. But it’s my blog and I get the liberty of going off topic. At least I’m posting.

So I thought I’d take on the challenge of doing a triple-boot setup on my laptop. Yawn, right? Everyone’s done that.

Except not everyone has done it with Windows Vista, MacOS X Leopard, and OpenSUSE 11.0 all on the same non-Mac machine. A machine much like my Dell Inspiron E1705.

I took said challenge, and it only took about 23 tries before I got it.

Here are some pictures of the machine booting, logging into, and the desktop of each OS:

OpenSUSE 11.0

OpenSUSE Linux 11.0 Booting
Click for larger image

OpenSUSE Linux 11.0 Login
Click for larger image

OpenSUSE Linux 11.0 Desktop
Click for larger image

MacOS Leopard

MacOS Leopard Booting
Click for larger image

MacOS Leopard Login
Click for larger image

MacOS Leopard Desktop
Click for larger image

Windows Vista

Click for larger image

Click for larger image

Click for larger image

Most often, I will be hanging out in the OpenSUSE 11.0 installation. For that annoying software that only runs in Windows, I am forced, completely against my will, to have it on the machine, as well. And, I have recently become interested in the iPhone SDK, which of course only runs in MacOS 10.5.2 (Leopard) or newer. Hence, the need for all three OSes. And, I have just never seen it done, so I thought I’d jump in and do it. Instructions mostly came from here.


So, back to the off-topic. I am selling a white 2004 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor (click for larger image):

For all the information you could ever want about the car, including lots of pictures, take a look at this page.

4 Responses to “OpenSUSE Linux 11.0, MacOS X Leopard, and Windows Vista all on my Dell Laptop”

  1. Steve Dibb Says:

    I took a look at the gallery for your car — freak, man, you take good care of your toys. Me, on the other hand .. my TV is sitting in my laundry room and my PSP is in my car.

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  3. Supreame Says:

    Very nice, but spare us of 23 tries and give some detail about the order of OS’s installation: who came 1’st, 2’nd & 3’rd, what boot manager you use. Otherwise I’ll think that you made the printscreens/os, format & installed next OS

  4. ice-ent Says:

    Very nice, exactly what i want to do. Could you send me a resonably detailed over view of what you did to get them all booting… eg what bootloader and what configuration of the bootloader, where it was installed to etc. many thanks

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