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June 17, 2008

OpenSUSE Linux 11.0: Your XP End of Life Solution

by @ 11:31 am. Filed under General Linux, Linux migrations, War

When I did the Novell Request an App Survey (follow-ups: article 1, article 2, article 3), a few things were brought into focus. Using the idea of supply and demand, you can assume that software development targets platforms based off the demand principle. If there’s a demand, the supply will rise to fill it. If there’s no demand, the supply will dwindle. Basic economics.

Take, then, this thought: Vista’s big problem: 92 percent of developers ignoring it. Well, when Microsoft admits Vista (is a) failure, you know it has to be bad. The kicker? More developers are writing software for Linux than for Vista.

What does M$ do? They use their tried-and-true iron-fisted dictatorship tactics and force the issue. How are they doing it this time? Killing off their most popular operating system to date to force people to upgrade to Vista. OMG, STFU, WTFH? Hold the phone. You are going to annihilate your most popular product to try and force people to buy your most unpopular product? OK, I haven’t been to the latest MS board meetings, but someone needs a conference call with their marketing department.

How about this, then…. Find a way to transition (where possible and appropriate) to Linux. Pick any of the most mature distributions with the tools that you need. For email-checking and web-surfing home XP users, this will be fairly painless. For businesses, the non-specialized end-user desktops should be easy to switch over. Especially with the release of OpenSUSE 11.0 imminent. Download it. Take a look. Try things out. Give it a few weeks. Then, when XP is officially dead, switch completely over.

Sure, many cases will be a little more complex than that. But if I gave my business to a corporation that snubbed me as hard as M$ does to their customers, you’d hear me breaking the sound barrier getting out of there:

Me Breaking the Sound Barrier getting away from MS

6 Responses to “OpenSUSE Linux 11.0: Your XP End of Life Solution”

  1. troll Says:

    That’s what Microsoft did the last time. They started phasing out 95/98, and later 2000. People yelled about it, that it would kill Windows platform and drive people away. Instead of that, XP became to be the most sold (as in units) software ever. Do not forget the history.

    This time their newest offering is quite flawed – it spams and nags the user constantly and nearly never allows him to actually accomplish his own tasks instead of tending the desktop environment that has got ADHD. Still however if they get many enough onboard by any means, the network effects will take care of the rest.

    By the way, I do not consider that most of the App Survey things were fulfilled. For instance offering Gimp to replace Photoshop is just plain lame, it really does not do enough or well enough. The alternatives offered are simply worse, which should not be. Only iTunes from the original list has a worthy contender nowadays, and it’s Banshee 1.0. (Thank you again for that, developers!)

  2. Scott Morris Says:

    Mr Troll,
    The first time M$ did that, Linux was not remotely as developed as it is now. Linux is now an actual viable option for the home point-and-click user. That was not an option way back then. Also, XP was actually usable for those types of people. Vista makes those same people want to run away screaming. There’s ample evidence of this. I’m just saying that there is a viable option in Linux for everyone who despises Vista, and maybe a little annoyed that XP is being taken away from them. Make no mistake, Vista is a trainwreck. The way I see it, it seems like MS has seen their height of glory. They aren’t going away any time soon. It’s not a matter of whether they are going up or down. It is a matter of the collateral damage and how hard they hit when they finally come crashing down. Maybe that’s a long way off, maybe it isn’t. But they’ve seen their peak of glory. There’s no stopping the penguin. 🙂

    Thanks for the thoughts, and thanks for stopping by. Feel free to stay and chat if you’d like.

  3. dj Says:

    A friend reminded me of another Microsoft dropdead date and I thought of this blog entry. August 31, 2008, Microsoft MSN Music servers will shutdown. Any music bought through MSN Music, well good luck if you want to play them on another device because the original device broke, or you want to upgrade. Ouch!

    Here’s a good blog entry on the subject:

    I have always been a strong supporters of Borland, starting way back with Philippe Kahn (pre-linux days), but in the 90’s some of the biggest techies moved to MS. It has been interesting to watch, but somehow less impressive. These days, when talking MS development, it’s .NET, and that brings me back to Delphi, developed by Anders Hejlsberg at Borland, who jumped ship to go to MS to help create .NET. We have always had exposure to alternative OS’s, but as we replace machines, we are going to Linux and alternative apps when and where we can. Windows runs mostly archaic apps, that we hope to replace or eliminate. We have stayed away from Vista. Recently we went as far as going to another hardware vendor, because the current one would not sell us a machine with XP or without Vista, so we found one that would.

  4. Mihail Dimitrov Says:

    I have to say, when I bought my laptop recently, it
    was originally using OpenSuSE as an operating system.
    Almost all other alternatives were machines, using
    some Vista variations, which I did not like at all,
    when I decided to try them. The support is not yet
    developed, may be some day it will be … but MS are
    using some new techs over here, and Linux has a
    great chance to catch up with the so-famous Windows.
    Since more and more hardware comes up with Linux drivers.
    The XP phase-out seems to be a fact, no laptops with
    any XP versions can be found. MS surely said, that more people
    will use Vista, but … that doesn’t mean they will
    enjoy it. 🙂

    When I went to the official website for my laptop,
    there were drivers for Vista, only. Quite … forcing, to try what this OpenSuSE was about, before making another move. 🙂

    Oh, and most of my XP software and favourite games
    do not go well with Vista too. So, nothing really
    was in the way to Linux now.

  5. Scott Morris Says:

    Glad to see that you are heading in a good direction with OpenSUSE. It’s a great OS. Thanks for the comments.

  6. Stevo Says:

    Well, that’s what they get when they make like 4 different versions of the same OS and expect people to pay $150-$300+ just for a single OS license.
    If they just made a Home version for $50-60 and Pro for version $100. More people would buy it and people would not complain as much because it would be a pretty good deal.

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