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April 11, 2007

OpenSUSE vs Ubuntu

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openSUSE vs Ubuntu

Abhay Srivastava at Techzone has written an interesting article on his experiences with openSUSE from the point of view of an Ubuntu user:

“I have used Ubuntu for almost 2 years and was completely in love with Ubuntu. One fine day my UPS gave up and my lazy self never allowed me to buy another. The result, after 5-6 power offs, my root file system was corrupted. I had to do a manual “fsck -yâ€? to bring it up. I thought all is normal now, but after the second normal reboot, the files system completely gave up and no amount of fsck would help. It clearly means a re-install. It should have been OK in normal circumstances, but I was in the middle of a release at office and had no time for even small configurations. Hence instead of using my favorite Automatix, I went ahead with Ubuntu Mint. Oh that was a changing point. Mint is Ubuntu modified and Mint’ified. I have KDE on my Arch Thinkpad, so the greenish theme of mint was a welcome change from the brown Ubuntu. Mint had installed almost all the required software and codecs for me and enjoyed Mint for one month. I thought now I have Ubuntu + all the codecs, without and configurations. What else could I ask for ?”

“But installing Mint had stirred the urge to try other distros. My criteria was simple, I should be able to install over Internet, the distro should be well polished, have huge number of applications, be very stable and configurations should be easy. In other words, I wanted another Ubuntu.”

“I already have Arch, so I tried the other famous ones. I began with Fedora -> Gentoo and then landed with OpenSUSE. Fedora was too sluggish and Arch is anytime better than Gentoo. OpenSUSE, however, is another story. I did a network install using instLinux and it took me a whooping 48 hours. Yes, I know 48 hours is too much by any standards but after the install , I have no regrets. SUSE is the most amazing distribution I have seen as yet. It appears as if it is designed keeping ease of use and stability in mind.”

“Now that I have used OpenSUSE for 2 months, here is a brief comparison between my experiences with Ubuntu and OpenSUSE. I will only take things which either come out of box, or have to be installed/configured on both of them. ”

Read the rest of “openSUSE vs Ubuntu” here

7 Responses to “OpenSUSE vs Ubuntu”

  1. Christer Edwards Says:

    I really enjoyed openSuSE since the release of 10.1 as well. The only thing that *really* bothers me is YaST vs Aptitude. Yeck. On every other level they really match up well, but I really couldn’t get used to YaST. Hopefully it’ll get kind of cleaned up later and I can try again..

  2. Scott Morris Says:

    Hey! Glad to see you stopped by. You know, I have chatted with a number of other people who feel the same way that you do. Though it doesn’t grate me too much, I’m hoping the same thing. It would be nice (especially for new users) to have something that’s a little easier to use and a little more dynamic. Thanks for the visit, bro.

  3. Jeff Says:

    Hey Scott,

    Thanks for the review. I somewhat randomly chose OpenSUSE when Ubuntu 6 didn’t recognize my CD-ROM drive (suggested workaround from forums: buy another!) and I have to agree with your take on YaST – it really is atrocious. It’s a shame, really – the rest of OpenSUSE has been so nice.

    Firing up Ubuntu 7 now, so hopefully I’ll be back into the lovely world of apt soon enough.

  4. colby Says:

    You can install apt on suse.

    yast is identical on the command line.

    yast2 –install packagename1.0

  5. ramack Says:

    What about zypper??? Isn’t zypper SuSE’s similar to Debian’s apt-get?

  6. bret(runxc1) Says:

    I think there are a good number of us switching to OpenSuse each for a different reason. I sometimes wish that Ubuntu and OpenSuse could team up.

  7. Ahmed Samir Says:

    I love SuSE. It was my first and only linux distro since version 9.1

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