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March 26, 2006

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I just bought a new keyboard. If you could please post comments that are childish, demeaning, insulting, or in any way resemble a kindergartener’s playground squabble, that would sure help me break in my DELETE key. Thanks especially to those who unknowingly or unwittingly help me out with this.

Having an exceptionally aggravated case of ADD, dull things get boring quickly. Feel free to participate, but interesting, insightful, comments are more likely to make it past /dev/null than those which are otherwise. Also, if you submit a comment about something that is more than a week old, don’t be offended when it doesn’t get posted. That conversation (and probably the one following it) have drawn to a close, and we’ve moved on to other stuff.

That said, I find humor in extremism, sarcasm, cynicism, and making fun of the intellectually challenged. Please, take none of this personally. My psychiatrist recommended it as an alternative course of action for exercising my right to bear arms (even though I do possess a current license to carry). I don’t understand what his problem is.

The impression I give of me taking myself seriously is all part of the illusion. Makes me feel more important. I’m sure I will grow out of this, but for now, it helps maintain a delicate mental balance for me.

In summary:
1) Play nice.
2) Make it interesting.
3) Stay with fresh topics.
4) Don’t take yourself too seriously.
5) Bookmark us and visit often.
6) Don’t forget to subscribe to the RSS feeds.

If you are unable to comply, hop on this train.

This is a place where considerate and intelligent people can come and discuss things, learn, and teach. By association, I get to be here, too.

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