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September 15, 2007

SCO Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

by @ 10:11 am. Filed under General Linux, Linux News, My Opinion, novell

SCO has filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. I really hope that this is the early stages of decomposition for this company. Yes, there will likely be parties all over the world in celebration of this event. My guess, based on the history of this trainwreck involving SCO, is that Daryl McBride won’t give it up until the power to continue is removed from him. Chapter 11 bankruptcy allows the SCO Group to reorganize their company and have their assets protected. Did you see all of their creditors? Here:

* Amici LLC ($500,650.73),
* Boies Schiller (287,256.39),
* Canopy Group ($139,895.00),
* Gre Mountain Heights Property ($132,502.00),
* Microsoft Licensing, Inc. ($125,575.00),
* Sun Microsystems, Inc. ($50,000.00),
* Veritas Software ($37,881.33),
* Intel ($23,302.11),
* Fujitsu Services ($25,302.11),
* HP-Nonstop Royalty Accounting ($25,302.11…hmm. exactly the same amount for three entities),
* Unisys ($25,302.11 – a fourth),
* KSJ Consulting ($21,781.25),
* 4Front Technologies ($10,417.50),
* Silverman Heller Associates ($10,352.35),
* Madson & Austin ($8,478.32),
* Randd Strategic ($7,026.79),
* Sage Forensic Accounting ($6,221.00),
* Profile Consulting ($5,450.00),
* Sun Microsystems Inc. Software Royalty Accounting Group ($5,414.40) and
* AmLaw Discovery ($5,399.57).

Who’s not on there? *NOVELL*! Well, I guess the final amount owed to Novell by SCO has not been officially determined, but my guess it will eclipse any other amount found on this list of creditors.

Whatever happens, I cannot possibly see how this will turn out well for SCO. This then makes it apparent that this is a fight based off principles. They are doing it for the principle of the thing, not because they are actually going to win. Seriously Daryl, give it up, bro.

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