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August 13, 2007

SCO Finally Gets the Long-Awaited Blanket Party

by @ 3:33 pm. Filed under General Linux, Linux News, War

In the best news I have heard all day, Investors bailing on SCO stock, SCOX plummets. I have been waiting for this glorious day for going on half a decade. I’m so tired of these clowns. Here is more great info from this article:

“SCO’s ride is clearly coming to an end, thanks to a monumental ruling last week that clarified the ownership of the UNIX copyrights. To briefly recap, federal district judge Dale A. Kimball declared that Novell owns the UNIX copyrights, leaving SCO without a big chunk of revenue and with claims that have been almost entirely eviscerated. The company said this morning that it would press on, attempting to calm investors.”

“‘Although the district judge ruled in Novell’s favor on important issues, the case has not yet been fully vetted by the legal system and we will continue to explore our options with respect to how we move forward from here,’ the company said in a statement.”

[How about you just give it up?]

“Investors appear to be bailing on SCO stock, however. At the closing bell, the stock had lost 71 percent of its value over the course of the day, reaching a 52-week low. SCO stock hasn’t been a safe bet for a long time, but some investors backed the company in the hopes that its claims would be successful in court.”

Heh. Awesome. I’m gonna buy myself a birthday cake so I can celebrate this 5-day stock snapshot of SCOX:

SCOX crashes hard

3 Responses to “SCO Finally Gets the Long-Awaited Blanket Party”

  1. Michal Says:

    Just hopes that those linux chaps who sign funny agreements with MS don’t follow SCO’s footstep LOL.

  2. phorneker Says:

    That just goes to show you that Linux is where it’s at, and having used Novell products for years (including NetWare and pre-Corel WordPerfect), this is Novell’s finest hour.

  3. Jason Jones Says:

    Yo, buddy. Here’s to a fine day indeed. *cheers*

    I kind of feel bad for people who work there, but then again, I don’t know jack about anyone who works there. Also… The tech market right now is pretty good so… I guess I don’t feel that badly.

    Anyway, I hope this starts a trend in the crashing and burning of businesses whose business is doing nothing more than litigating crap claims.

    Die and rot, SCO.

    Long live, Linux.

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