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April 23, 2007

So I’m Not the Only One After All

by @ 10:22 am. Filed under M$ Exposed, War

(09:54:18) Steve D:
(09:54:19) Steve D: dude
(09:54:25) Steve D: THERES some MS funnage to munch on
(09:54:27) Steve D: Talk about LAME.
(10:03:01) Scott: nice
(10:10:26) Steve D: what a piece of trash, man
(10:10:28) Steve D: stupid windows.
(10:10:31) Steve D: what total garbage.
(10:11:50) Scott: Few people on this earth agree with you as much as I do.
(10:12:45) Steve D: I cant believe how many corners theyve cut
(10:13:04) Steve D: Im starting to believe that MS might be as ruthless in saving time and money as Wal-Mart is.
(10:13:14) Steve D: Do it right? oh, that takes too long.
(10:13:30) Steve D: Add an if statement checking to see if "install" is in the filename? 12 minutes.
(10:13:45) Scott: Yep
(10:13:49) Scott: that is rockin’ cool
(10:14:46) Steve D: How does that quote go?
(10:14:59) Steve D: Those that don't use Unix's philosophy are destined to redesign it, poorly.
(10:15:01) Steve D: soemthing like that

Later that morning…

(10:25:19) Steve D: man
(10:25:25) Steve D: Looks like Vista isnt selling very well
(10:25:33) Steve D: I hope this is the beginning of the end for MS
(10:25:36) Scott: It’s fecal material.
(10:25:52) Steve D: Did you hear Dell went back to selling XP preloaded because of customer demand?
(10:25:57) Scott: Yeah, I think this is the beginning of the end.
(10:25:58) Steve D: Dude, THAT is a bad sign right there phoobage.
(10:26:07) Scott: You have a link for that, there, tiger?
(10:26:12) Steve D: uh
(10:26:15) Steve D: one second.
(10:26:26) Steve D: I think it was techdirt?
(10:26:28) Scott:
(10:26:32) Scott: There’s one.
(10:27:06) Steve D: "We heard you loud and clear on bringing the Windows XP option back to our Dell consumer PC offerings,"
(10:27:09) Steve D: I hate PR spin.
(10:27:09) Steve D: :B
(10:27:29) Steve D: Translation: After telling MS we're going to sue them for lost sales, they changed our contract to make the whole a little smaller.
(10:28:48) Steve D: man I totally hope this thing just falls flat on its face.

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One Response to “So I’m Not the Only One After All”

  1. Grozdan Says:

    hahaha, I had a similar IM conversation with a friend of mine about Fista…. errrrr Vista. Funny part is that MS admitted that it’s a failure –

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