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July 10, 2009

“Sucks to be a Windows User.”

by @ 10:10 am. Filed under education, humor, War

This came in my email…. 🙂

Sucks to be a Windows user.

IT: Korean DDoS Bots To Self-Destruct on Thursday July 09, @11:41PM
Posted by timothy on Thursday July 09, @11:41PM
from the someone-needs-a-little-hanging-before-bed dept. security tsu doh nimh writes “Several news sources are reporting that the tens of thousands of Microsoft Windows systems infected with the Mydoom worm and being used in an ongoing denial of service attack against US and S. Korean government Web sites will likely have their hard drives wiped of data come Friday. From The Washington Post’s Security Fix blog, the malware is ‘designed to download a payload from a set of Web servers. Included in that payload is a Trojan horse program that overwrites the data on the hard drive with a message that reads “memory of the independence day,” followed by as many “u” characters as it takes to write over every sector of every physical drive attached to the compromised system.’ ChannelNews Asia carries similar information.”

Right you are, my good man.

One Response to ““Sucks to be a Windows User.””

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    […] light of these serious security failures, one blogger claims that it “sucks to be a Windows User.” What about those who are affected by the use of Windows by […]

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