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March 30, 2007

Surprise! Linux marches on. 145 mph 18″ from my face.

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This was inevitable. It would have happened sooner or later. I’m sure that everyone has heard by now about Dell’s support of Linux. They will start selling PCs preloaded with Linux in the near future. What’s interesting is that everyone is all shocked. For a few years, now, Linux has been building momentum. Once Microsoft did its thing with Novell, that was kind of the beginning of a new era for Linux. To me, it felt more like Microsoft was basically just saying, “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.” They seemingly figured that in the long run, it would be more cost-effective to partnership with Novell around Linux than it would be to continue a losing battle fighting against it. They changed from the “Linux is a cancer” mind-set to a co-operative strategy.

It still feels to me like they’re saying, “If Linux is going to encroach on our territory, we will control the one with the largest market share.” But Novell does not have the largest market share of Linux installs. That is correct. They don’t. YET. With Microsoft at their back, Novell will eventually enjoy a nice pass to the head of the line of enterprise Linux distributions. By then, Microsoft will have established an influence over the development of that distro. And, of course, they come out on top. Again.

All that aside, another side effect of the M$/Novell thing is that way many more people are going to be using Linux in general. More people will be hearing of it and will start using it. This has already started happening. This is evidenced by the survey that Dell put out recently. They wanted to take the community’s pulse with regards to pre-installing Linux on the PCs they sell.

What distro do you think they will put on these home and business desktops? I am betting that it will be SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10. It is a solid system that is very easy to use. Throw an eyeball at a blog post I did on SLED 10 a while back. They really tied it down and made it a solid desktop. In my experience, it is the only logical choice. It does all the regular stuff: email, word processing, spreadsheets, web browsing, or instant messaging. It is cheaper than Windows. It offers a full productivity suite in 2. It doesn’t even need antivirus software. Best of all, it integrates into an existing Windows-centric network. Which means compatibility with Exchange.

This is another feather in the cap of the future stability and growth of Linux. What’s more, even if you don’t think Linux is quite up to par now, it is only getting better. Things are only looking up. This is one of the reasons that I have put together a free Intro to Linux course. It is for people who want to get started using Linux, but may not know how. The course is available from my blog. If you want to enroll, please feel free. For people you know who are interested, have them take a look.

Anyway, with the M$/Novell agreement, and now Dell making this new change, expect Linux to become more widespread (this does not mean that this is the year Linux takes out Windows). Expect other companies to make similar changes. It will happen.


My friend Jason, his brother Ryan, and our friend Mac all went to the Salt Flats the other weekend and I shot some video of them doing some SICK spinouts, burnouts, and other stunts in their Mustang GTs (Ryan’s Mustang is mid-90’s, and Jason’s is a brand new 2007). What a couple of sick puppies. Well, so Jason took the footage and mixed it all together and posted it up on Google Videos. Blow my eyes out.

By the way, in some of those shots, they are going by me at 140 mph about 18 inches from my face. Yes, they are. I was there. I know that because when I watch the video, I can hear my voice.

3 Responses to “Surprise! Linux marches on. 145 mph 18″ from my face.”

  1. Anonymous Coward Says:

    I’ve started using SuSE since SuSE9.2 and so have a little nostalgic feeling towards SuSE.

    BUT, with ghing with openSUSE, Novell better NOT rule the desktop.

    openSUSE have become another 700 pound gorilla and damn resource hungry. Remember someone releasing openSUSE 10.1 with the zmd problem, they are just behaving like MS.

    One wrong move and that will scare the hell out of new comers to Linux.

    Who knows, commercial Linux may just be like MS after all.


  2. mesmero Says:

    @ Anonymous Coward:
    OpenSUSE 10.2 has done a step forward. I am a KDE user and quite happy atm, that means, i have no big problems with bugs. But i heard of some problems in GNOME, e.g. a leaking main menu. And you are right, some things may not happen, but i am optimistic for the future.

  3. openSUSE Linux Rants » Blog Archive » A totally useless trick in openSUSE Linux - opensuse linux blog Says:

    […] First, I found that my little jaunt to the Salt Flats completely destroyed my car’s engine, and I am now having to junk it and start from scratch. So that pretty much totally sucks. […]

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