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May 24, 2006

SUSE Linux 10 and the beauty of silence

by @ 6:41 am. Filed under SUSE Blog News

Do you ever just not feel like saying anything? I do. Especially in person.

Lots of excitement happening this week. Only it has to do with everything except for my blog. Hence, the SUSE Rants buzz has been low. Maybe it’s my metabolism. Maybe it’s my blood pressure or oxygen level. Actually, I’m pretty sure that I’m low on chlorophyll.

I have some cool stuff coming up, though. When I have it ready, I’ll let everyone know. It’s something that will benefit the Linux virgin/ultra n00b. That’s all I’m gonna say about that.

Tell everyone to use SUSE.

6 Responses to “SUSE Linux 10 and the beauty of silence”

  1. Nermal Says:

    “Tell everyone to use SUSE”

    Or you could suggest they try SUSE and make their own minds up…

  2. Scott Morris Says:

    That’s obviously exactly what I said.

  3. foez Says:

    Scott man you looking sexy in that t-shirt. I’m almost sure you did that to “deflower” some of the linux virgins.
    But I’m wondering when I look at your picture, was there a moustache recently ? Anyway, I love your blog site 😉

  4. Scott Morris Says:

    Heh. 🙂 Thx.

    Yeah, I had a goatee that I shaved. But now I’m growing it back. In the picture I had just shaved it.

  5. anzevi Says:

    word up bro! 🙂

  6. E@zyVG Says:

    Sounds like a good one is coming.

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