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May 9, 2006

SUSE Linux 10.1 is coming later this week. In the meantime…

by @ 6:29 am. Filed under General Linux, General SUSE, My Opinion

Wow, people are going to have trouble with Vista. Are ya’ sure? *rolls eyes* How much of this kind of junk do I hear every waking second of my entire life? You can’t even turn on your amateur radio without hearing someone complaining about the woes of a misguided Microsoftie. Here’s a towel. I’ll play “My Heart Bleeds for Thee” on my violin.


You could go do something that would bring some light and joy into your life, and help you realize that you can put down the razor. I went through many of them myself before I found SUSE Linux. Yes, you too can have an immediate improvement in your quality of life just by clicking here.

Security, The Microsoft Way, huh? Please, sir, could you put on this rubber glove for me? I need you to check my security. I think it might be loose.

If you and I were personal friends, and we were out to lunch today, say at like Brand X Burgers in Springville, UT, and we were chatting, and you said, “Scott, why didn’t you write in your blog yesterday?” I would look at you with a twinkle in my eye and say, “I didn’t feel like it.”

You know, I was thinking about switching to Gnome. It’s so user-friendly. It’s so intuitive. I was actually initiated into Linux on Gnome. It’s so mainstream. I mean, everyone is using it these days. Novell even almost turned SUSE into a Gnome-only distro. Its license is more business-friendly because the libraries are licensed under the LGPL while KDE libraries are under the GPL. I think that everyone should rip out whatever desktop they are using and start using Gnome.

8 Responses to “SUSE Linux 10.1 is coming later this week. In the meantime…”

  1. Pascal Bleser Says:

    Scott, I think everyone should use the desktop they prefer and/or suits them best.
    (no, I’m not going to rant about GNOME, not this time ;))

  2. Andreas Says:

    Scott, you should know or research better. KDE core libraries are LGPL like Gnome libraries. I assume you know how to deal with a browser, so go and check before spreading FUD when “advertising” Linux.

  3. Temet Says:

    “I mean, everyone is using it these days.”

  4. flip Says:


    I use windows xp and Suse 10.0 on my PC the only thing that keep
    me stuck with windows xp also are software installation from
    a CD in Suse 10.0 and Suse 10.0 did not see my internal modem.
    I am a big Suse fan hope Suse 10.1 will solft all my problems.

    South Africa

  5. foez Says:

    What did your poll say ? Why dont you accept that it is the choice of the user? Most users still use suse because they supply it with a nice kde desktop. It’s not about “we believe that its better for you” but “what’s the best experience”. Scary when you blogg something like that. Or should I say, “welcome in the land of gnome fascists ?” OOps I’m triggered 😉

  6. Werner Habel Says:

    Gnome? So user-friendly?? So intuitive?!

    Bring in the “Reality-Distortion-Field Generator”!

    good satire tough!


  7. cb400f Says:

    I first read your post on suseplanet.. wasn’t quite sure whether you were being serious or sarcastic. Seeing the Linus-quote here makes me more at ease. You sure got my adrenaline pumping for a second there 😉

  8. hbons Says:

    Are you being sarcastic? What is that quote on the top right of your blog? 🙂

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