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June 2, 2006

SUSE Linux: Not affected by the 20 things you will hate about Vista

by @ 6:54 am. Filed under General SUSE, My Opinion

I’m sure we’ve drilled the point into the ground, but there’s nothing like kicking someone while they’re down. Therefore, I’m going to post YAWS (yet another ‘windows sucks’) link. Besides, with a $350 Million marketing campaign budget just for the release of Vista, just for the Salt Lake area, I don’t feel a single twinge of sympathy for them. “Visual Tour: 20 Things You Won’t Like About Windows Vista”

Yes, I realize most of you have already seen this story. However, for those who haven’t, well, there you go. They didn’t get everything perfect, but we’ll forgive them. The main point of the piece is what we’re underlining here.

There sure have been a lot of stories in the news about SUSE lately. Many people really love Xgl, or really want it to work. Other people hate the fact that the system updater is a little bit foobed. As a paranoid schizophrenic, I can safely say that I sit in both camps simultaneously.

Yesterday for lunch, I had a jalapeno Polish dog with sauerkraut, onions, chipotle, habanero, and cayenne pepper on it. Rock it, baby. Yummy!

2 Responses to “SUSE Linux: Not affected by the 20 things you will hate about Vista”

  1. Hylke Says:

    Scandinavian hotdogs are the best! 😀

  2. Scott Morris Says:

    I’ll have to try one. 🙂

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