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November 19, 2009

Linux Wallpaper: This One’s Nice!

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openSUSE Blog Linux Wallpapers

Linux wallpapers can totally change how your machine feels. I saw this one and thought it was rather well-done. Greets and congrats to the person who did it. If you know who did this, tell them thanks for me.

openSUSE Blog Linux Wallpapers


If you’d like to see more really nice Linux Wallpapers, take a look at my Wallpaper gallery. I honestly don’t know who makes such great artwork, I just know that I never could. The best thing I can do for these excellent artists is to promote their great wallpapers. Throw an eyeball at the gallery and see what you think.

October 25, 2009

OpenSUSE Linux Wallpaper of the Day

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SUSE Linux Wallpapers

For everyone who is an OpenSUSE Linux fan, here’s a new wallpaper just for you:

Linux Wallpaper
Click image for bigger version.

Take a look at the rest of the Linux wallpaper gallery.

February 13, 2009

Best Linux Wallpaper of the Day

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OpenSUSE Linux Rants

Linux wallpapers can sure be funny. Props to whoever made this (if you know, please let me know). Here’s one that everyone should have the chance to see:

Linux Wallpaper

A small (but growing!) handful of additional Linux wallpapers can be found in the Linux wallpaper collection

If you know of any other excellent Linux wallpapers, please drop me a line. Have a good one, all.

December 17, 2008

Linux Wallpaper Gallery – Featuring…..

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OpenSUSE Linux Rants

Wouldn’t it be sweet to have a really cool gallery of Linux wallpapers? Well, TBH, it IS pretty cool, because that’s the newest addition to OpenSUSE Linux Rants. We now have our own Linux Wallpaper Gallery.

The featured wallpaper for the day is:

Linux Wallpaper
Click for larger image.

No idea who made it, but it’s a really slick piece of artwork. Resize as necessary.

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