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June 14, 2006

Utah Bloggers’ Conference 2006

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Tonight, I went to the Utah Bloggers’ Conference. Let’s be clear about one thing: I didn’t know what the heck to expect, and I was initially only in it for the controversially-logoed Utah Bloggers T-Shirt. I was surely in for a pleasant surprise. Honestly, I had absolutely no clue what to expect. I barely even knew what it was all about, and that because of my good buddy Steve:

Steve Dibb

I’ll also point out the obvious fact that because BLOGGERS were there, the goings-on of the conference will pretty much be covered in detail by those more prolific and eloquent than I. Examples would include:

Gary Thornock

Phil Windley

Charley Foster

Scott Lemon

Thus, I’ll pause for a moment while you catch the details from these fine folks.


So the basic idea was that we had a panel to which the attendees could ask questions about how blogging relates to whatever thing (which, of course, you already know because you have read the above blog entries). We got into all kinds of topics like how blogging can be good for business, the gender imbalance and whether women blog about families or food or business or whatnot (gripping subject for me, personally), how to get started with blogging, and of course political blogs such as that of Pete Ashtown (who was good enough to be on the panel this evening). There were guys there who had used Linux since before Linus Torvalds even thought of it. There were people there who hadn’t even heard of Linux, but who were interested in blogs, blogging, the blogosphere, and related topics (good to meet you, Tom).

My good buddy Steve and I flopped into some seats near the front (Steve’s a little hard of hearing), and found ourselves sitting next to Aaron Toponce. Very cool to meet him in person, I must say. There are a lot of similarities between how we approach things. I also had the chance to meet Jason Hall, who lives close enough to me that he could chuck dirt clods at me if I got too loud.

All in all, it was much better than I had anticipated, not knowing what to anticipate. They had free T-Shirts, pop, and some munchy food out in the foyer. Once things were about to get started, they brought in full boxes of pizza (like one per table). I am shameless, so I jumped right in. Then, things got started, and the panelists (who you already know, because you read the above blog posts) introduced themselves. Quite a wide range of experience, angles, and points of view were represented in the panel.

One of the things that really stuck out to me, personally, is how huge podcasting is. Like I already knew that it was big, but didn’t realize what can be done with a really good podcasting campaign. I think I’m going to look into doing something with podcasts. That would rule.

To avoid overload, I have created a gallery for my pictures of the conference.

In other news, Linux saved the day for Pixar, who needed to shave 9/10 of the time it took them to render one frame. It was taking 10 hours per frame, and needed to take 1. So, of course, using Linux, they fixed it.

And, of course, what kind of SUSE advocate would I be if I didn’t at least mention this story? Seems that the SUSE Linux Enterprise line from Novell has a lot going for it. They have the best chance that anyone has had in a very long time against M$. Let’s see if they play their cards right!

One Response to “Utah Bloggers’ Conference 2006”

  1. Steve Says:

    What a stud. 🙂

    Me, not you.

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