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January 27, 2006

Watching DVDs on SUSE Linux.

by @ 11:07 am. Filed under General SUSE, SUSE Tips & Tricks

What is the similarity between and elephant and a grape? They’re both purple except for the elephant.

I have received many requests for information on how to play DVDs on SUSE Linux. It’s actually quite simple.

Uninstall whatever version of xine that you have installed.

Add Packman as in installation source.

Install the xine package from Packman (you may want to disable all other install sources, just to make sure it comes from Packman for sure).

Install the libdvdcss package, also.

Poof, you’re done (at least that’s what worked for me).

So, hop on Netflix, sign up for your account, and watch DVDs on your SUSE box.

2 Responses to “Watching DVDs on SUSE Linux.”

  1. paul godwin Says:

    Hello Sir, I apologize up front, for I too am/was trying to learn how to get around in and enjoy linux (especially to leave the old “windows” stuff behind) but I found your info as I was looking for a way to relax momentarily with my “new” setup and just watch a dvd. However it’s become completely clear very quickly that I simply don’t even know how to uninstall or install anything yet…so could you at least recommend just where I should start looking so that I can learn to find my way around here in SuSE land? And so, it may very well be true after all, maybe you just can’t teach an old dog like me any new tricks…but still I’d really like to try!
    Good day,

  2. Scott Morris Says:

    The mantra for learning Linux is, “Linux is easy to learn. Different, but easy.” Take a look at This is a book that I wrote for people in exactly your situation, as I was when I started. I wrote it as, “What would I have like to have known to get acquainted with Linux when I was starting out?” The guide answers all the questions I had, and many people have found it useful. Hope it helps.

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