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August 16, 2006

What does Linux and frappr have in common?

by @ 7:04 pm. Filed under General SUSE, Linux News

I saw something cool on CoolSolutions (imagine that) that I wanted to share with everyone. The info on the site is as follows:

The coolest thing about open source is the people. If you’ve helped develop, test, promote, or evangelize Linux and open source, we’d love to hear from you. Take a few minutes to put yourself on the map and you could win one of these great prizes:


The idea is that you put your info in, and it plots you on a frappr map (it’s just your zip code, no home addresses, so don’t worry). You could also win some slick prizes. The action starts here.

2 Responses to “What does Linux and frappr have in common?”

  1. Wafaa Says:


    I know you’re not the “correct person” to say this to, but I think you probably know or have some power. When I try and enter my details it won’t allow me to submit as I’m out of the US – Peterborough, UK.

    Any chance of some help?


  2. JLP’s Blog » Put yourself on the Linux map and win hot prizes Says:

    […] While I was reading SUSE Linux Rants blog by Scott Morris (the guy who wrote the free book The Easiest Linux Guide You’ll Ever Read) I’ve come across his post What does Linux and frappr have in common? It turns out that if you are contributing to Linux (by translating, programming, testing, bug reporting, promoting or something similar) you can put yourself on the frappr map and win one of these cool prizes: […]

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