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February 1, 2006

What should I write about?

by @ 6:29 pm. Filed under SUSE Blog News

Me thinking.

So this is me…. thinking about what I should write about in my blog this evening. Should I write about my survey again? Yes, it’s been part of my every move at work, now, for the past month. Yes, there are some really cool results that have come from the survey. But, is that what I really feel like writing about?

Not particularly.

Well what, then? There seem to be quite a few applications that people requested that, while they themselves are not ported to Linux, have some really nice Linux counterparts. Should I write about them? Maybe I could recommend the GIMP to people who are requesting Photoshop. Would they appreciate that? I mean, they have spent their entire careers learning how Photoshop works. While the GIMP is a great graphic design program and editor, Photoshoppers around the world may not quite see where I’m coming from. Then again, maybe they would. Naw, I don’t want to write about all that. Too much controversy.

Games…. now, there’s a safe bet. Practically everyone loves and plays games. Games are nigh unto ruling the world with all their 3D acceleration engines and whatnot. There’s only one problem: I am not a gamer. Well, that nixes that idea.

I’ve already written about how to play DVDs on Linux. Scratch that idea off the list.

Then it hits me. I can write about thinking about what to write about.

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