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May 11, 2006

Xgl Howto Reappears – other SUSE Linux Rants news

by @ 9:07 pm. Filed under SUSE Blog News, Work-Related, Xgl

Looks like my Xgl Howto resurfaced with the release of SUSE Linux 10.1. That’s pretty cool. digg story

I got Seprian’s logo put in. I really like it. Seprian, bro, if you get this, send me an email.

I actually created a store with stuff sporting the cool new logo. I’ll probably grab a shirt or 10 and hand them out to whoever asks for one or something (the only catch is that you have to ask me in person).

I also saw another blog article that looked pretty interesting. See what you think.

9 Responses to “Xgl Howto Reappears – other SUSE Linux Rants news”

  1. Paul Mellors Says:

    “the only catch is that you have to ask me in person”

    Bugger when you coming to the UK? lol

  2. Hylke Says:

    Nice stuff… You should change your blog color so it matches the logo 🙂

  3. E@zyVG Says:

    I got a new HowTo on ATI drivers installation on 10.1.
    The one for 10.0 was quite famous. Here is the link for interested parties:

    Still have to try Xgl.

  4. anzevi Says:

    kickass stuff (in the store) :-O
    SUSE Rants logo rockz yer nutz!

  5. Who? Says:

    The Gnome part is WAY overkill….

    No need to do all the -replace stuff. There is a gnome controlcenter applet for it now.

    Just klick the big red button witch says enable 3d desktop 🙂

  6. E@zyVG Says:

    When can we expect new tutorial. And btw, what exactly was going on wrong once following your howto … maybe I had the same prob?

  7. Scott Morris Says:

    Not sure when I’ll have another one up. Xgl in the pre-release versions of SUSE 10.1 was half-baked. Now, it is quite different to set up, especially for Gnome. So, “they” asked me to remove it.

  8. Leon Says:

    I have Matrox Parhelia, it doesn’t work, but I might have other issues. Just blank screens with a rectangular snip of desktops. I tried only in KDE, not yet in gnome.

  9. yoyomonkey Says:

    Its amazing your last tutorial and I hope you keep it up.
    I have recently used your tutorial again to install xgl on a inspiron 8500 laptop and everything worked perfectly!
    Unfortunately after a Yast update xgl xgl is now crashing with a
    Major opcode failed request: 143(GLX)
    Minor opcode failed request: 1 (X_GLXRender)

    I hope your next tutorials will address this even more for Suse 10.1 users.

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