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May 15, 2006

Xgl Tutorial for SUSE Linux 10.1

by @ 1:14 pm. Filed under SUSE News, Work-Related

Hey, all. The tutorial for Xgl that I had posted on Novell’s site is now out of date. I took it down because it was breaking people’s systems. 😐 I’ll keep you posted, but I wanted to explain what was happening, and why it just all of a sudden disappeared.

3 Responses to “Xgl Tutorial for SUSE Linux 10.1”

  1. E@zyVG Says:

    May 15th, 2006 at 6:23 pm

    When can we expect a new tutorial. And btw, what exactly was going on wrong once following your howto … maybe I had the same prob and I’ll know now that I was doing all right?

    As you remember I am ATI+KDE user. May I ask few questions. Is it ok when Xgl/Compiz is runnig:

    1. Windeco changes to more Gnome style (I use Crystal and it’s not that one with Xgl)
    2. Right Click on windeco -> No usual commands that KDE has. Ex: right click->To Desktop->X
    3. I have Desktop Pager with 4 virtual desktops shown on taskbar. With Xgl it is only one (on taskbar/pager). The 4 virtuals are there though.
    4. Alt-Tab shows only apps from the desktop you are at, other 3 are not shown
    5. The load time is higher when logging, compared to Xorg

    1. Any words/rumors on KDE Control Panel for Compiz


  2. Richard Artz Says:

    I think I just used your document to get GLX working on my box last night. Now it’s gone. Would you please mail me a link so I can see if that was what I was using. Otherwise I’ll have to start hunting all over again.



  3. Joe Says:

    I followed it for two installs and they both worked fine.
    I was using nvidia cards, where was it breaking? I’ll test it if you want

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